About Us

Established in 2006, Ethos Architecture offers 38 years of cumulative experience in commercial architecture.  The reach of our experience includes restaurants, multifamily, commercial architecture, life sciences and medical facilities.  Today ethos is a full service firm serving our clients in Colorado and nation wide.  Ethos believes in adapting our design services to suit our clients specific needs.
We believe primary to the design process is listening to our clients.  Our  client's goals become the structure around which we design.  Design is a  process we use to solve problems and achieve our shared goals.   

Karm Wahab, Prinicpal, NCARB

The essence of architecture could be found in every project, you just have to find it.

Big or small each project is unique and has it's challenges and opportunities. Karm has had the privilege of working on hundreds of projects - from creating national trade-dress identities for multi unit concepts to one of a kind highly specialized buildings.

Karm Wahab is NCARB certified and he has experience in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Michelle Canniff, Senior Associate

 Michelle offers expertise in interior architecture, interior finishes, lighting layout and fixture specification, furnishing selection and procurement.  Project experiences include Restaurant Design, Commercial Kitchens, Clean Rooms, Office Design and Residential Architecture.

Michelle enjoys working in Revit and designing (anything).  For her the design process is both creative and practical. 

Michelle holds a Masters in Architecture